Back to School Jitters

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Green Point Park

Green Point park

Saturday I had a stunning picnic with some of the girls from Sweet and Soutie.  Sweet and Soutie is a wonderful initiative to meet other creative souls and to mingle….

Please see their website : http://sweetandsoutie.blogspot.com

Here is the “ABOUT US” part on their site:

“A little bit of this and a little bit of that, with a spoon full of sugar to help the creative juices go down sweet & soutie brings like minded creative people together to meet, chat and eat”.

BUT this is not what my story is all about this picnic gave me the change to experience the new Green Point park – and if you live in Cape Town you need to make time and bring your children for a visit.

The park is neat and safe and super nice with new and unusual play stuff for the kids!

 There is also loads of interesting lessons about nature etc and my children love the footprints and education about the different animals.

Please do yourself a favour and visit this park! Dit is regtig fantasties en sal jou kinders vir ure besig hou!

More info from the Cape Town Kids site: http://www.capetownkids.co.za/listings/entry/green-point-park

New addition to the Green Point area – perfect for a family outing with scooters, bikes and picnic baskets.

 The area around the Cape Town Stadium has been successfully transformed into a public park, inviting Capetonians to explore, be active and learn about biodiversity. The park has wide paved paths that allow for both pedestrians and children on bikes to navigate safely around each other, and there are little ‘islands’ with shady trees and a variety of structures to rest on or have a picnic. The toilet facilities are kept clean and there are friendly guards guiding activity (we were asked very politely to not let our children climb a tree, explaining to them that it is still growing) and answering questions. Educational pockets encourage visitors of all ages to look around – there are footprints in the ground and information boards to guide you around the biodiversity gardens – and all in all this park has the potential to become a new favourite among local and visiting families.

Pram Friendly
Toilet Facilities
Wheelchair Accessable

Below a picture of me – could not resist!




Hallo all, I am going to make this as short  as possible….

We decided to close our doors in June this year.  The main reason was I was not coping with my special needs little boy, my teaching job and running a small business.

I was exhausted and feeling so overwhelmed with my life in general.  I took a step back and decided something has to go…and it was a very hard decisions to let the business go….

Six months later and last week I received a request to talk at a local school regarding personal safety for children.  I went with a few products and my Power Point slides and had the most fantastic experience.

I was standing there, and had a real  light bulb moment(aka Oprah) and realise this is what I was meant to do!!

I am so passionate about child safety and truly believe we can make Kindersafe into a very successful business that provides safety products and training to South Africa children.

We ( my wonderful co-owner and friend; Christelle) are busy making plans ( but more about that later) and relaunching with a bang in January 2012.

But I am re-opening the shop, SLOWLY BUT SURELY and I will keep you updated!!!









Love Sandra

Good idea? I love this!


Superheroes & kinders:

Ek het ‘n ding vir Superheroes…en ek is mal daaroor as klein seuntjies ‘n handdoek om hulle nekke bind en dan hulle verbeelding vrye teuels gee.

Ewe skielik het hulle ekstra supersoniese kragte.  My seuntjie is so ‘n kind wat in sy eie werêld kan wegraak en in die huis rondhardloop met sy Superhero gedaantes.

Net soos die KFV advertensie! Elke dag ‘n ander karakter!

Ek is mal daaroor!  Dit bou selfvertroue en maak hulle kreatiewe, vindingryke klein mensies!

Ek moes so baie vir my seuntjie handdoeke met haakspelde vasgemaak het dat ons, ons eie reeks SUPERHERO CAPES ontwerp en gemaak het.

Al ons capes word spesiaal gemaak volgens elke kind se eie unike behoeftes – en alhoewel ons ontwerpe op ons website het – kan enige tipe ontwerp gemaak word!

Van ons ontwerpe

En kyk net hierdie oulike stokkielekker Superhero idee!

Superhero stokkielekkers

Superhero template

Om die templaat af te laai~ kliek hier of loer hierhttp://zakkalife.blogspot.com/2011/02/new-superhero-lollipop-templates.html Geniet die Superheroes in julle lewe!SandraXXX

We love LEGO

We love LEGO in my house


We love LEGO in my house ….at any given time of the day you will find LEGO in my TV room and scatter through my house.

A midnight run to the toilet can end in pain when your foot connects with a tiny little piece of LEGO!

BUT I think LEGO is one of the best toys you can buy your child – it keeps them busy for hours and it is worth the pain of stepping on little LEGO bricks every second!

Clever LEGO ad - Imaginative LEGO


 LEGO ads by FCB Johannesburg showing that kids might not necessarily need elaborate kits, and what a simple LEGO brick design might look like through the eyes of a child. Very cool!

Source: http://www.slipperybrick.com/2007/10/clever-lego-advertisement/

Enjoy your LEGO days with your children!



We love…..

Hair bands from Mayli Carles.  I read her blog every single day and love her inspiration and her creativity.  Please take a look yourself: http://www.heartmadeblog.com/

Have a wonderful Sunday!