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Hallo all, I am going to make this as short  as possible….

We decided to close our doors in June this year.  The main reason was I was not coping with my special needs little boy, my teaching job and running a small business.

I was exhausted and feeling so overwhelmed with my life in general.  I took a step back and decided something has to go…and it was a very hard decisions to let the business go….

Six months later and last week I received a request to talk at a local school regarding personal safety for children.  I went with a few products and my Power Point slides and had the most fantastic experience.

I was standing there, and had a real  light bulb moment(aka Oprah) and realise this is what I was meant to do!!

I am so passionate about child safety and truly believe we can make Kindersafe into a very successful business that provides safety products and training to South Africa children.

We ( my wonderful co-owner and friend; Christelle) are busy making plans ( but more about that later) and relaunching with a bang in January 2012.

But I am re-opening the shop, SLOWLY BUT SURELY and I will keep you updated!!!









Love Sandra


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