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We love LEGO

We love LEGO in my house


We love LEGO in my house ….at any given time of the day you will find LEGO in my TV room and scatter through my house.

A midnight run to the toilet can end in pain when your foot connects with a tiny little piece of LEGO!

BUT I think LEGO is one of the best toys you can buy your child – it keeps them busy for hours and it is worth the pain of stepping on little LEGO bricks every second!

Clever LEGO ad - Imaginative LEGO


 LEGO ads by FCB Johannesburg showing that kids might not necessarily need elaborate kits, and what a simple LEGO brick design might look like through the eyes of a child. Very cool!

Source: http://www.slipperybrick.com/2007/10/clever-lego-advertisement/

Enjoy your LEGO days with your children!




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