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We love…..

Hair bands from Mayli Carles.  I read her blog every single day and love her inspiration and her creativity.  Please take a look yourself: http://www.heartmadeblog.com/

Have a wonderful Sunday!




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 My favourite restaurant in the Cape Town region is…….drumroll…..Eaglevlei wine farm.

Situated near the Joostenberg deli (directions below), it is the most wonderful place to dine with children.

One thing that I learn about eating out and children is…..if the children’s not occupied, your dining experience will be hell!!

Running around after children while you food gets cold and your wine warm is no pleasure.

Eaglevlei has the biggest outdoor jungle gym in the Western Cape.  The service is excellent and the food affordable(really) and divine!

Click here for the menu and prices: http://www.wine.co.za/attachments/PDF-View.aspx?PDFID=1794

(They do have a kiddies menu)

Vir die kleiner kinders is daar ‘n springkasteel en ‘n groot grasperk.

Geniet ‘n fantastiese maaltyd terwyl jou kinders heerlik speel ~ en dit hoef nie by die SPUR of McDonalds te wees nie! 🙂




The outdoor Jungle gym!

Find them:

Take the N1 – direction Paarl.
Take the first turn-off after the Engen 1Stop – Exit 39 (Klipheuwel/Stellenbosch)
Turn right – direction Stellenbosch
You will go over the N1 and see Joostenberg Deli on your left.
Turn left on the R101 (Old Paarl Road that runs past Simonsvlei) immediately after Klein Joostenberg
Eaglevlei is 1.5km down the R101 on the right.
Contact them:
 +27 21 884-4713

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We love…..



Love these word of wisdom from Intouch parenting!

8 Truths about POSITIVE Parenting postive parents = positive children

Source: www.intouchparenting.co.za

One of the best gifts you can give your child is to free yourself from Parenting Myths

Picture credit : Anna Walker

1. We Don’t Need to Obsess Over Success Increasingly,

 parents seem to measure their success by the achievements of their children. But this current obsession is leading to all kinds of excesses, including over scheduling and overprotection. We need to let go of our obsession with success, both for our sakes and our children’s. Our children need breathing room, unstructured play time, and the ability to make mistakes and learn from them. Most of all, we need to value and love our children not for their achievements, but simply for who they are.

 2. You May Not Feel Loving Every Minute Before we have children,

 we believe we’ll always love them unconditionally. But it’s not too many years after they arrive that the I-love-you/you-love-me-back arrangement is gone. In the hard times, we can easily jump to the wrong conclusion: I don’t feel loving toward my child, therefore I must not love my child. The question is not, “Am I feeling loving toward my child?” but “Am I being loving toward my child?” If we’re supporting, encouraging, and disciplining our kids–if we’re committed to their highest good–we love them. Don’t worry about fluctuating feelings.

3. Our Kids Have Their Own Purpose Before we became parents,

many of us believed that children would bring us happiness, fulfillment, as well as tons of fun! We soon discover that these moments do arrive, but along with them come many moments of, well, not so much fun. All parents feel surprised at how much work parenting is. But in many ways we receive more than we give. Children teach us how little we know—the beginning of real wisdom. Children expand our hearts. They free us from our self-focus and open us to the needs and love of others. Children don’t exist to fulfill us. Ultimately, they are here to find their own purpose and to contribute to the world in some way.

 4. There’s No Parenting Formula

 While there are many helpful parenting books out there, some offer formulaic models based on behavior modification, obedience training, and rigid discipline. The underlying assumptions: we should be in control of our children at all times, and children shouldn’t mess up our lives. Raising children is inherently messy, thrilling, and unpredictable. Parenting “experts” and “one size fits all” parenting formulas cannot raise our children for us. We raise our children. Our children are too complex, creative, and unique to be raised by recipes or formulas.

 5. We Don’t Have to Buy Them Happiness

 We often think the best measurement of our parenting skill is how happy our children are. Toward this goal, we put TVs in our kids’ rooms, go into debt for lavish birthday parties and vacations, and fix the foods our children clamor for instead of what they need. Our job as parents is not to make our children happy, but to help them become good people—compassionate, honest, responsible, hard-working. When a 10-year-old already obsessed with video games asks for an iPod, or a 16-year-old wants us to buy him a car, we may need to say no. The 10-year-old needs to gain some maturity and discipline; the 16-year-old could earn the money for a car. Our job is to help our children distinguish between their short-term happiness and the long-term good of their character.

6. Parenting Is Not Our Only Calling Yes,

we are called to love our families, but also to love our neighbors. When we focus exclusively on our children, we risk turning them into idols. Our children can grow up oblivious to others’ needs and the needs of the planet, believing they are the center of the universe. Enjoy your family and cultivate times of togetherness, but also enlarge your children’s scope. Take them with you as you volunteer. They’ll gain an outward, compassionate focus that can enable them to become generous citizens and good parents themselves someday.

7. We Don’t Need to Be Perfect

Many of us live with the realities of divorce, single-parenting, blended families, teen pregnancy, and many other less-than-perfect circumstances. We often feel like failures, and worry about our children’s security and success and their own future families. But there is no perfect family. Families throughout history were often marked by imperfection, yet the children from those families still accomplished much. With attentive parenting, we can help turn adversity into strength. For instance, I travel often to teach and speak. While our family is apart, my husband and kids have learned to cook, cope and manage the house. Our own family limitations never limit our children’s faith or their possibilities.

 8. We Can Be Less Anxious

“I just want my kids to be safe.” How many times have I said this and heard other parents say the same? Of course we want our kids to be in safe cars, schools, and homes. But this desire for safety can spiral out of control, fed by fear, and lead to what some are already calling “the anxious generation.” Too much caution will cripple our children with fear and limit their enjoyment and effectiveness in life. As parents, we need to practice safety, but we also need to practice trust and faith. Kids need challenges and adventures to stretch their abilities and give them self-confidence, problem-solving skills, and courage—attributes every successful adult needs.




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We love…

…..the Picnik site- you can play around with photo’s and create your own collages and STUFF!

Ek het hierdie collage gemaak met die funky prentjies van kos vir kinders.

Gaan speel gerus lekker rond:  http://www.picnik.com en vir volledige instruksies besoek een van my gunsteling blogs: http://www.heartmadeblog.com/blog/ask-mayi-how-do-you-make-your-collages

Kindersafe love....




Pictures source: http://meetthedubiens.blogspot.com ~ Thanks!!

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We love…

this clever website… www.mrspancake.com ~ home of brilliant educational doodads for teachers, parents and children.~

BUT seeing is believing.

You can print various topics for kids to colour and make…from fairies…

Fairies templates

To Super Heroes (we love Super Heroes)

Super Heroes

 and pirates….


and lots of educational print outs and STUFF.. please

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We love

We love SA businesses!! One of my favourite is Jitterbugs in Natal.  They will custom-made any type of sticker..and the quality is amazing!

Hier is van hulle uitstekende produkte!

Reward stickers
Reward stickers

Address Stickers

Sticker tape


Please mail them if you have any ideas or personalized items they will gladly assist you with their affordable pricing!


See you all tomorrow  ~ ek moet nog ‘n paar boeke gaan oortrek…gelukkig het ek die plakkers!!!!



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We love

Cut Out and Eep card

Heather Moore is the illustrator and designer that’s behind Skinny laminx. She lives in Cape Town and I love her work!

But take a look for yourself!

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