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Back to School Blues

Maandag is dit weer terug skool toe  vir my twee ~ Mia(9)  na ‘n nuwe skool en

Francois(6) gaan Graad R toe.  Ek het bietjie gaan “surf” op die Internet en ‘n paar wenke bymekaar gemaak wat vir my oulik is!

Start an Achievement Tree

This quick summer art project will serve an important purpose all year long! Draw a tree with numerous brown branches on poster board, and create a handful of “leaves” on strips of green paper.

 Each time your child accomplishes something she’s proud of—such as a successful day at band practice or a solution to a tricky geometry problem—she can record it on a leaf and tape it to the tree. By the end of the school year, she will have created a full, lush tree!







Reset Your Body Clocks

Many families enjoy relaxed bedtimes and sleeping in during the summer, so it’s unrealistic to expect your kids to immediately adapt to early morning wake-up calls.

 At least a week before school starts, go back to your school year bedtime and wake-up time. This can help you avoid having a groggy, cranky or confused child on the first day of class.







Create a Launch Pad

To smooth out mornings, create a “launch pad” (out of blue painter’s tape) near the front door. As part of your bedtime routine, have kids put everything they need for the next day in the launch pad—

packed backpacks, the right shoes, appropriate foul-weather gear, etc. When it’s time to leave, just have kids empty out the launch pad and hit the road!

Set Up for Safety

Whether they’re walking, riding their bikes, being driven or taking the bus, take time to talk to your children about how they will get to and from school this year.

 Practice the trip a few times before the first day to make sure they’re prepared for safe travels.



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Hallo world!

Hallo all; and welcome to the Kindersafe blog!  Why another blog and why a Kindersafe blog?   My main reason is that there is a wealth of info available  regarding child safety and safety issues and so much is happening in my life regarding trying to run a small business with my long life friend Christelle; that I want to share a little bit of my research/surfing/finding out/sufferings/joys/mistakes etc with you. 

Afrikaans is my eerste taal; en ek gaan poog om die “blog” so tweetalig as moontlik te hou- Afrikaans as my moedertaal is vir my belangrik en ek wil graag my Afrikaanse kliënte in hulle eie taal aanspreek.  So ‘n mengelmoes van kinderveiligheid en dag tot dag doen en late kan julle te wagte wees.  Dankie dat julle deel is van Kindersafe!



Mia and myself walking @ Eaglevlei

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